Regular working experience with these popular Industries


Regular working experience with these popular Industries

  •   Automobiles
  •   Manufacturing
  •   Real Estate
  •   Education & E-Learning
  •   Travel & Hospitality
  •   Many More...
  •   Retail & Ecommerce
  •   Professional Services
  •   Government Organizations
  •   Science & Education
  •   Religion & Spirituality
  •   Social Networking
  •   Financial & Insurance Services
  •   Media & Entertainment
  •   Casino & Gambling
  •   Medical & Health Care

We Provides Complete Services in Website Design | Software Development| Mobile Apps Development | Digital Marketing | e-Commerce Solutions with the knowledgeable and experience hands.

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Media and Entertainment

Media is not going through evolution, it's going through revolution.Don't get left behind as the next set of devices and services make content publishing and distribution easier and faster than ever. See how we're making waves in media with a longstanding relationship with Newscorp. Explore further. Just press play.

Solutions for Healthcare

From EMR to HIPAA, Icreon has been around the block when it comes to knowing the latest in healthcare technology. We build software that makes it easier for hospitals, healthcare consultancies, and medical think tanks to better manage and track all aspects of patient, doctor, and medical staff data.

Manufacturing Systems

Managing a global supply chain. Check.Automating warehousing systems. Check. Building efficient reports to save on year expenditures. Check. We integrate with the world's largest ERPs and build better web and mobile solutions so that your IT feels as automated as Henry Ford's assembly line.

Real-Estate Databases

Real-estate sites don't passively market to home seekers and sellers. They actively pursue and track data to better dynamically customize their page content. It's statistically proven to help close more deals, faster. And we've done it.Smart algorithms from Icreon help you turn over properties faster than your competitor.

Travel & Booking

Businesses in the travel, tourism, and hospitality booking space know how competitively thin margins can be. Find out how Icreon has helped build Airline Booking, Hotel Booking, and eHospitality sites that seamlessly handle millions of dollars in transactions.

Enterprise Logistics

Enterprise Logistics teams trust Icreon with their software needs. From understanding complex dispatching, inventory, assembly, and warehousing systems to working with finance and accounting to create accurate revenue forecasts, our global logistics experience might be better than same-day delivery.

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